Have a ride with us through Slovenia by the side ways

Spend half, ¾ or entire day away from your “temporary home”


Starting everyday at 9 am


Meeting point in front of Penzion Berc


Personal/family touch, friendly drivers, little groups, lots of fun.


Tailor made, minimum 4 passengers, anywhere you wish…


Booking Conditions

All bookings must be made at the reception in Penzion Berc personally or over email: penzion@berc-sp.si

Minimum number of passengers is 4.



»UP´S AND DOWN´S IN JULIAN ALPS«  (Mondays and Thursdays)

Kranjska Gora – Vršič mountain pass –  Trenta valley – Soča valley – Mangart moutain road – Predel mountain pass – Bled

Spend full day with us
Together cca: 200km
Price: 60Eur per person (food is not included)


Prepare for the day full of ascends and descends, attractive views, unspoiled nature, history of first word war, alpine flowers and animals in the very heart of Julian Alps. This is probably the nicest part of the country. We will start our first ascend in Kranjska Gora up to the highest mountain pass Vršič (1611 m above the sea level). Descend down to the remote Zadnjica/Trenta valley. This part of the way we will be driving next to the emerald beauty – river Soča. On the way back home we will ascend  to the highest mountain road Mangart saddle (2055m above the sea level) and from there down again and over another mountain pass - Predil (1156m above the sea level). You will be amazed by all the beautiful masterpieces that were created by Mother Nature.




Most na Soči – Goriška Brda – Nova Gorica – Karst villages – Bled

Spend full day with us
Together cca: 300km
Price: 65Eur per person (food is not included)


Our trip begins with a scenic drive through Bohinj valley where we will leave Alpine Slovenia behind and reach Mediterranean Slovenia with a short drive over its south barrier.  We will spend one hour by the scenic lake Most na Soči, where a boat ride is possible. We then follow beautiful river Soča all the way to Solkan with its unique bridge and climb up to Goriška Brda. These hills are slightly different than anything else in Slovenia. Relaxed, open minded and kind hearted people, good wine and tasty food are only few good reasons to visit this part of the country. We stop here for lunch and wine tasting  in one of the best places around. We will spend afternoon in the Karst region, another inspiring piece of the country with stone houses and ruby red wine, makes you think of moving there while retired. Feel and have a taste of sLOVEnia.



»MUST SEE« (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

Ljubljana – Postojna/Škocjan caves – Bled

Spend full day with us
Together cca: 260km
Price: 60Eur per person (food and entrance fees are not included)

“The beloved city” like we call our capital, is probably the cutest capital in Europe. Small enough to visit it on foot, big enough to offer you everything what big capitals can offer you. Spend the morning on the colorful market, stroll around little squares, cross the river Ljubljanica over several interesting bridges. Afternoon is reserved for Postojna caves – the biggest and most accessible caves in Slovenia / Škocjan caves – caves under UNESCO protection, with the deepest cave canyon in the world.




Radovljica – Kropa – Jamnik – Dražgoše - Železniki - Škofja Loka – Bled

Spend ¾ day with us
Together cca. 90 km
Price: 50Eur per person (food and entrance fees are not included)


Radovljica is “honestly sweet” tinny medieval town.  A short stop in the old part of the town will take us back in the 16th century. As well as stop in Kropa, old black-smith town squeezed in between the mountains, where sun shines only half of the year. After reaching one of the edges of Jelovica high plateau we will be on the balcony of Upper Carniola region – Jamnik village, admiring the beauties of the surroundings. What goes up must come down, so after a drive through some of the isolated villages, we will reach Škofja Loka - another enthusiastic medieval town that gave shelter to the Bavarian bishops from Freising and Slovenian painter Ivan Grohar. A very different day from your ordinary days on holydays in Slovenia.




Pokljuka plateau – Zajamniki alpine pasture – Gorjuše – Koprivnik – Ribčev laz – Ukanc - Bled
Spend ¾ day with us
Together cca. 80 km
Price: 50Eur per person (food is not included)


After reaching Pokljuka high plateau (around 1200 m above the sea level) we will start to descend down to one of the most beautiful alpine pasture in Julian Alps – Zajamniki. You will get to know traditional mountain architecture and have a splendid view over Bohinj valley. To reach the valley itself, we will drive through several sleepy villages.  We will finish our day by Slovenian biggest constant lake made by a glacier thousands of years ago. If you are fit enough you can climb up to the waterfall Savica, the biggest source of fresh water of Bohinj lake.




Dovje – Mojstrana – Vrata valley – Triglav north face - Radovna valley – Bled

Spend half a day with us
Together cca: 70km
Price: 50Eur per person (food is not included)


On the way through Sava valley we will stop in two beautiful and for the alpinists important villages Dovje and Mojstrana where Julian Alps and Karavanke mountain range are nearly touching each other. Driving over Vrata glacier valley, passing waterfall Peričnik, we will get as close as possible to the Triglav (our highest mountain) north face. Impressing 1000m high and 3000m wide wall gives you proper feeling how small we really are. Continuing towards Krma and Radovna glacier valley we will get in touch with pristine unspoiled nature. Most of the day we will spend in Triglav national park.




Grad Kamen  – Villages under mt. Stol – Završnica valley – Piškovca – mt. Hom

Spend half a day with us
Together cca: 40km
Price: 40Eur per person (food is not included)


Good air and sunny geographical position of villages under mt. Stol (the highest one in Karavanke mountain range) is known as Slovenian cradle of intellectuals, artists and best sportsmen. The path that leads through these villages is known as “path of culture”. We will see some typical old village architecture such as primitive local parliament, beehives and shacks, numerous churches, ruins of once important castle, house of Slovenian greatest poet and many more. While the first part of the day is more connected with culture the second one is more with nature. We will drive to Završnica valley – paradise for all the sports men. We will finish the day on mt. Hom – view point over Bled basin. Have a nice mix of culture and nature.


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