Cuisine - homemade, homegrown and homemade again

One of the most enjoyable indulgent when you are on holidays is most certainly food. Good homemade food. Our 60 years of experiences, culinary inspiration and food prepared from healthy homegrown ingredients, offer you a rich taste of food you will never forget. We would like to welcome you on a journey of culinary pleasures.


Breakfasts for royalties

Nothing wakes you up nicer than a smell of freshly cooked coffee inviting you to start your breakfast ritual. Variety of different homemade delights are waiting for you to enjoy. For a special morning experience, beside delicious food, we surprise you with unique breakfast settings and a “good“ morning mood.


The smell of homemade salami from the neighboring farm is one of the things that might awake your taste buds. You can try different cereals together with our creamy homemade yogurt; spread a homemade butter on bread we bake. Or finally try high quality milk from a local farm.

It might happen that you won’t be able to resist our homemade jam, consisted of fruits from nearby fruits orchard. Bees from our neighbor’s beehive are taking care for our sweet and tasteful honey.

We assure you that you won’t be able to say no to our bread from different grains, or moreover our home baked cookies or other deserts we are preparing for you with knowledge, experiences and what is the most important love.

More about our culinary delights…

We have our own herbal garden. This helps us add even more flavor to our dishes.

The fruits we are serving are as already mentioned from our own and local fruit orchards. We are especially proud to our authentic brands. From the best ones we are preparing our homemade apple cider – MOŠT.


We make veal pate out of the best ingridients in terracotta pots made in Prekmurje region, famous for pottery.


We would like to point out at least one more culinary specialtysmoked trout. It is a dish that has charmed many of our guests so far and we smoke cheeses for you too.


Out on the open - Finefood - Penzion Berc

That is why we open our summer kitchen. Our garden gets transformed into a private charming grill place. There surrounded by Alps, under the Bled sky, our culinary experience comes hand in hand with friendly gathering. We are offering you the finest food accompained with the best Slovene wines and top desserts. Every night a live piano under our fig tree enchants trully unforgetable experience. We serve you every day from 18:00 - 23:00hrs.